An introduction to SmartPad

What is a SmartPad?

SmartPad is a Multi Cross-Chain Launchpad (MCCL), allowing simultaneous participation in IDOs on multiple networks.

Also, SmartPad is the first launchpad on Aurora. In October we announced our strategic partnership with Aurora and became one of the launchpads that held Aurora IDO in November.

Currently, we focus on providing our services for projects on Aurora. SmartPad also received a grant from NEAR Foundation and supports Ethereum, Polygon chains.

SmartPad: unique features

1. Multi Cross Chain Launchpad

No more fuss with juggling assets between different blockchains. Invest assets from your blockchain into IDOs which occur on others. Our bridging mechanism will provide a seamless cross-chain IDO experience.

2. IDOs from different networks, all in one place

Access more IDOs on different blockchains from one place. Finding gems from any corner of the crypto space has never been easier.

3. Allocation Tiers

DAO proposals are personalized for every IDO, allowing you to participate in multiple IDOs simultaneously.

4. Custom pools

Current launchpad space lacks customization options. SmartPads offers a wide range of cliff and vesting tools.

5. Secure experience

Permissionless contracts offer an additional level of security.

6. Staking opportunities

We consider our holders to be a vital part of the SmartPad ecosystem, which is why we provide a staking opportunity for PAD owners.

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