Proposal creation tool

We are bringing in the feature allowing you to create custom IDO proposals.

1. Visit to get started.

2. Connect your wallet and proceed to the proposal’s creation.

3. Fill in the general information about the project, including the name, socials, and project description.

4. In the following field, you will be asked to provide information about the project’s token.

5. Next, you will be transferred to the IDO page, where you may fill in the allocation details. Indicate the allocation size and token price, the date of TGE, and select the deadline of DAO voting.

6. The following field defines the IDO’s vesting schedule. Please enter the number of tokens available at TGE and vesting duration, if necessary.

7. In the final section, applicants must submit one of their preferred contact details.

8. After filling in the information, you may proceed to the preview screen. When the proposal details are finalized, the proposal can be created in exchange for a small fee.

9. Congratulations, you have successfully created the IDO proposal!

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