How to get vPAD?

The following guide will navigate you through the new DAO token vPAD. Please note that vPAD doesn't have an address, it's an entry in the smart contract.

1. Visit to get started.

2. Select the number of aPAD you are willing to lock and the lock’s duration. The table below shows the voting multiplier as well as the number of vPAD you will receive.

For the long-time users of the SmartPad platform (before the Aurora migration), a special “veteran bonus” will be available. Please note that this additional multiplier may only be used once and will net you additional vPAD tokens.

3. Approve the transaction and select lock

4. When the transaction is complete, the field on the right will display your current vPAD balance and the next unlock date.

5. You may now use your vPAD tokens to interact with the proposal section and determine the next IDOs held on SmartPad!

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